Static training in the pool

How Static Apnea Training Makes You a Better Freediver

Static breath hold is one of the disciplines (STA) in competitive freediving and a requirement in many freediving educational systems. But even if you’re not planning to take part in any competitions and successfully got your certification, static apnea is still a useful tool that can enhance your development as a freediver. Read on to find out how introducing it into your routine can make you a better freediver. 1. …

Freediving and Snorkeling with Manta Rays on Nusa Penida

5 Reasons to Freedive on Nusa Penida

Located just 12 kilometers away from Bali, Indonesia, the lush green island of Nusa Penida is less crowded and less famous. But whether you’re just taking your first steps into freediving or are already an experienced freediver, Nusa Penida can offer something irresistible for you, and here’s what: 1. Warm water and amazing visibility The welcoming waters of Nusa Penida are 27-30°, and the visibility can reach up to 30 …

Basic Freediving Course

What to Expect From the Basic Freediving Course

Freediving is growing more popular every day all over the world, attracting more and more people. People start wondering how to learn freediving for many reasons: some draw inspiration from beautiful underwater videos or documentary movies; some know a freediver or a spearfisher and want to join the community; some, while diving with a scuba, saw “strange” people without tanks diving to the same depths much faster on a single …

Equalization Problems&Solutions

Equalization in Freediving: Problems and Solutions

Good equalization. These two magic words mean a lot in the freediving world, and almost all small talks in the community are about equalization in diving. Some people can equalize freely and easily from the very beginning of their studies, while for others, it can take years of practice to achieve it. What we can say with 100% of confidence is that everyone experiences troubles with equalization at some point …

Freediving for Divers

Why freediving is good for scuba divers

Nowadays, freediving is becoming an increasingly popular hobby. A method of hunting practiced since ancient times, now experiencing a revival as an exciting pastime and is often referred to as the fastest growing water sport in the world. Freediving schools are opening all over the world, both in warm tropical countries and everywhere in cities. If you are a scuba diver and prefer to breathe underwater rather than holding your …

Freedive Dictionary

Freediving Dictionary

Freediving is a young and actively developing sport. It has its own key personalities, terminology, myths surrounding it, and quite a long history. Below, we listed the basic terms, concepts, and definitions in freediving that you should know to speak the same language with your friends and colleagues. General Terms Apnea – The cessation of respiratory airflow or a voluntary breath-hold. Freediving may also be called apnea diving. Breathing – …

Why freediving is good for health

Why Freediving is Good for Your Health

The value and uses of freediving has evolved over time. Humans first started freediving to forage the ocean for food and valuable items; that tradition lives on today. For example, for the last 3000 years, Japanese female apnea divers known as the Ama collect seaweeds, pearls, and shellfish. Freediving continues to be practically beneficial to many cultures around the world. When freediving became an official sport, the depth one could …

Stretching for freediving

6 Benefits of Stretching for Freediving

In this short article, we’ll describe the importance of stretching and breathing exercises for freediving. Stretching is very useful and plays an important role in any sport, because muscle stiffness is generally bad. However, while in other sports stretching may be short and infrequent, it plays one of the most important roles in regular freediving training. We believe every freediver should incorporate stretching as part of their daily routine. 1) …

How each of us can make the ocean cleaner

How Each of Us Can Make the Ocean Cleaner

Everyone on Bali  must have noticed a lot of rubbish on the beach and in the ocean during the rainy season — from December to February. The most surprising thing is that many people don’t even ask where all this plastic comes from or how to keep the oceans clean. The truth is, all of us create garbage and contribute to pollution. According to statistics, Indonesia is in the top …


6 Herbs for the Respiratory System

Our respiratory system is working constantly. Every day it continuously delivers vital oxygen to our body. Unfortunately, along with the air we breathe, pollutants, irritants, dust, mold, fungi, harmful organisms, and other toxins can get into the lungs. If you don’t live in an airtight bubble, then it is obvious that all this can have negative consequences. Fortunately, nature has provided a number of herbs and herbal remedies that can …