Specialty Courses

Do you want to learn new skills or go deeper into the knowledge of your favorite freediving discipline? Do you want to try more than just the usual training session or want to be focused on the exact skill that stops you and creates some troubles?

We offer different specialty courses here at Freedive Nusa which you can find below. Some of them are essential for your improvement as a freediver, some of them give you a new level of confidence and understanding of your body. You can be sure that you will have a lot of fun and we do our best to adjust the specialty courses for your individual needs.

Try Freediving Course

Try Freediving

Do you wanna feel the meditating feeling of the underwater world? Or maybe you want to find your inner peace… Or maybe you are just looking for a fun day in the ocean. So why not try Freediving?
If Freediving on tropical reefs and exploring marine life interests you more than pushing your limits in a pool or on a dive line then our Try Freediving is perfect for you!

This is a half-day program that covers the basics of safe recreational breath-hold diving. We also called it “Advanced Snorkeling”. This course will allow you together with a buddy to freedive on the reefs and interact with marine animals like dolphins, manta rays, turtles, etc.

Except for being a confident swimmer, you do not need any previous experience to participate in the program.
We recommend these classes to every snorkeler who never tried Freediving but want to join Manta Trip and try snorkeling with majestic Manta Rays. This program makes you more confident in the open ocean especially if you never be there before, and makes your experience more safe and pleasant.


First AID Course – React Right

React RightFirst Aid, CPR and Oxygen Provider are mandatory for any Level 3 freediver and one of the prerequisites for the Instructor Course. This specialty course covers all of them, includes digital certification, manual and is valid for 2 years.

The program is designed to educate people on how to react in the case of emergency in all spheres of life, not only connected with diving. In this specialty course, we do simulate different scenarios from everyday life and learn how to react on accidents that most often happen. The approach of React Right is designed to help first aid providers control an emergency situation and deliver first aid until emergency medical personnel take over.

By the end of this program, you will be certified as First Aid and CPR Responder, you will be able to recognize and respond to emergency situations with first aid and CPR, and you will be able to avoid inappropriate action that could make a victim’s condition worse.


No-Fins Specialty

No Fins SpecialtyNo-fins is the purest form of freediving. It requires the freediver to descend and ascend along the line without using fins or pulling the rope. It’s also the most physically and technically demanding discipline because it requires a high rate of work and a long dive-time. At the same time it’s the most pleasant form of freediving because it allows you to feel complete freedom underwater.

During this 2 days specialty you are developing a proper DNF and CNF technique which gives you the ability to freedive with minimal equipment, preserve oxygen and increase your performance. The program includes 2 confined water sessions and 2 open water sessions.

By the end of this course, you will understand the fundamental knowledge and techniques of diving without fins, and how they apply to safe and fun freediving. After passing the final exam you will be certified as SSI No-Fins freediver.


Training Techniques Specialty

Training TechniquesDo you want to keep training and improving even back home after your freediving courses? Are you seeking ways to improve your personal performance or increase breath holding?
We recommend attending this specialty for everyone who want to keep improving and progressing in apnea diving even without access to open water.

This is an intense one day program where you will learn the key points of how to train in the water and on land safely and effectively. The course provides you with a variety of training options, which increases your motivation and interest in freediving. During Training Techniques Specialty you will practice static apnea tables, dynamic apnea tables and apnea walking tables. All these exercises help you to become more comfortable with longer breath-holds, increase your tolerance to a higher level of CO2, help you to manage the discomfort caused by lactic acid buildup and make you more relaxed and confident freediver.

By the end of this course, you will have the perfect understanding to plan and execute a safe and efficient freediving session for your own needs.
After passing the final exam you will get SSI Training Techniques certification.


Free Immersion Specialty

Free Immersion SpecialtyThis specialty teaches freedivers the knowledge and techniques required to safely plan and conduct freedives using both head-up and head-down free immersion techniques. The head-up technique is used by freedivers who have trouble equalizing.

Free Immersion is the most relaxing discipline of depth freediving and the most enjoyable for many freedivers. Free immersion freedivers use the dive line to pull themselves down and up, and do not wear any fins.

The program includes 2 open water sessions. During this one day specialty, you learn all the key points to practice FIM safely while enjoying maximum level of relaxation. If you have difficulty with head-down equalizing, you can still freedive using free immersion and enjoying your freedive training sessions.

By the end of the course, you will get proper knowledge and techniques of Free Immersion, and how they apply to safe and fun freediving.
After passing the final exam you will get SSI Free Immersion certification.


Mouthfill Course

Mouthfill CourseThis is a 3 days course aiming to teach how to do a Mouthfill and use it efficiently during deep dives. The program is suitable for freedivers who are mentally and physically ready for depth but are missing the deep equalization knowledge and practice.

If you are already a confident freediver who has some experience in deep diving and Mouthfill technique but have some troubles and usual mistakes such as losing air, bad control of air, diaphragm tension, and so on then this course is definitely for you.

The program includes the theory behind the Mouthfill mechanics, how to perform a full efficient Mouthfill, and how to resolve common problems freedivers encounter during using this technique.

The course includes 3 open water sessions during which the student practice Mouthfill in combination with exhale and inhale diving.
The program is about learning new techniques and not about deep freediving. Students are performing deep dives only during the last day if they have mastered the required skills.


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