Deep Diving Course — Level 3 / Wave 3

Freediving Level 3

Price: IDR 9.500.000
Duration: 6 days
Maximum depth: 40m
Price includes: equipment rental, digital learning materials, certification

Level 3 is the last step in the training system for recreational freedivers. It is accessible for trained freedivers who have enough experience and can freedive at a depth of 30 meters or deeper. This deep diving course will make you much more confident about all your skills.

Wave 3The program could be completed in 6 days but we suggest having at least a few more days for additional training sessions.
The course includes 3 pool sessions and 6 open water sessions. For those who are looking for deeper and longer training opportunities, we can offer a month-long Master Course that will include Level 3 as well as a lot of time for additional comprehensive training.

As an experienced freediver, you will prove to be competent and proficient and have a thorough understanding of all core theory, skills, and techniques involved in deep freediving. You will perfect your technique and apply what you have learned to be able to freedive to greater depths, up to 40m and beyond. You will be working on developing thoracic flexibility which is crucial for deeper diving. You will learn the safe application of techniques such as Mouthfill, reverse packing, and training with FRC dives. This is where you begin to test and develop your physical and mental capacities.

Also, one of the requirements to enroll in this advanced program is to take first aid certification. You can do it with us by taking the React Right Course.

The main focuses of the program:

  • Further advancing your theoretical and practical knowledge of freediving
  • Perfecting and mastering your core techniques, enabling you to become an overall skilled freediver
  • Learning to equalize below residual volume using the Mouthfill technique and training your body to freedive comfortably to a depth of 34–40m
  • Passive exhale diving (FRC)
  • Advanced thoracic stretching, introduction to lung packing, and reverse packing

Freediving Course at Nusa Penida

Besides thorax flexibility and equalizing techniques will are going to teach the body to be more efficient in switching in the mammalian diving reflex, which allows us to be more relaxed, consume less oxygen, and compensate for the fast-growing pressure.

We are going to spend a lot of time and afford psychological preparation for deep diving using different mental techniques for greater relaxation.

Freediving Course at Nusa Penida

The program of Level 3 includes the following topics.

Dry Training:

  • Frenzel&Mouthfill equalization method
  • Visualization, mental lead-up, meditation, attention deconcentration
  • Lung packing and reverse packing
  • Advanced stretching for lungs and thorax
  • Academic classes: physiology, lung measurements, FRC dives, MDR, lung squeeze, potential traumas, safety and rescue, etc.

Pool & Open Water Training:

  • FRC or exhale dives
  • Mouthfill equalization method
  • Rescue and safety in deep freediving
  • Long-term body adaptation for freediving
  • Rope managing, setting up the buoy
  • Dynamic and static apnea
  • No-Fins technique and performance
  • Monofin Technique
  • Deep Diving
  • Buddy System

Following the successful completion of the Wave 3 course, you are permitted to act as an assistant instructor and you may also participate in an Instructor Course.

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Freediving Level 3
Course Duration Price
Deep Diving Course — Level 3 / Wave 3
6 days
IDR 9.500.000

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How I can sign-up for the course?

Simply send us a message through Contact Page ( or your favorite messenger and we will provide you all the information about booking and prepayment.

How often you are holding the courses?

We have a team of instructors and start courses nearly every day. Just send us a message and choose dates the most convenient for you.

What experience do I need to participate Level 3 course?

First of all, you need to finish Level 2 course or equivalent in other systems to get all the knowledge and skills. Then you need to have enough training experience and be able to dive confidently and consistently at least up to 25-28 meters.

If you are not on that level of experience, we recommend you to take some coaching or training sessions before participating in the course.