Freediving Beginner Course — Level 1 / Wave 1




This was beyond INCREDIBLE! We had an unforgettable experience, learned very valuable skills, had lots and lots of fun, and saw soooo much beauty like never before! We’ll be back! Life will never be the same again

Freediving Level 1

Price: IDR 4.950.000
Duration: 3 days
Maximum depth: 20m
Price includes: equipment, study materials, certification

Freediving Level 1 course is an important, smooth, and measured introduction to the soundless world of freediving. Everyone is welcome to take this course even if this would be their first experience with water activities. It is a perfect opportunity for you to build a connection with water and start to enjoy being in it.
We will be happy to be your coaches and guides in this amazing journey!

Freedive Nusa offers a long and the most comprehensive freediving training course for beginners!

The basic course lasts 3 intense days.
The first 2 days are from 8:30 to 16:30 with a break for lunch. The last day is till 1 pm.
The course includes 2 pool sessions (static apnea and dynamic apnea) and 3 open water sessions as well as theoretical and practical lessons in the classroom.

After booking the course, we will grant you access to the digital learning materials. You will watch and read the course materials in advance. It will help you to be more effective during the course and to be more focused on diving and practicing new skills instead of learning the theory in the classroom.

Sample schedule of the course

Wave 1 - Day 1 Wave 1 - Day 2 Wave 1 - Day 3

The schedule may be adjusted depending on weather conditions or the needs of participants.

Your course will start in the classroom where you will learn crucial information about human physiology, the proper breathing process, and the mammalian diving reflex. You will learn relaxation techniques and proper breathing before and after the dive. After the class, you will be able to do your deepest breath ever and clearly understand how to prepare your body and mind for a smooth, relaxed, and safe breath-hold dive.

Before entering the sea you will practice breath-holding in the pool in a safe and controlled environment. Most of the participants can hold their breath for 2-3 minutes during the first session.
On the second day, you will be practicing in the pool as well to work on your finning technique. Pool training is an essential part of every freediving course. Most of the skills needed in open water can be trained first during free diving lessons in the pool. It helps to practice new motor skills and to develop more control and confidence.

You will learn how underwater pressure affects our body and gain essential skills for every freediver — Frenzel Equalization.
You will go through special stretching for freedivers, relaxation, and visualization techniques — all will improve your body preparations for the dive.

Freediving Course in Nusa Penida

You will have 3 open water sessions – the main and most important part of the course. This is minimal duration, from our experience, which needed to practice all basic skills and gain enough experience.
During this course, we do not aim for the deepest depth. Our main focuses are on technique and comfort. We use an individual approach only! Our training is always adjusted to the needs, interests, and abilities of each particular student.

Freediving Course in Nusa Penida

The majority of the students can go as deep as 15-20m just after the first course. The skills you will get during this course will help you to reach this depth most safely and comfortably.
Special attention will be paid to safety! You will learn how to freedive safely and will practice basic rescue techniques both in the pool and in the open water.

Every open water session will be finished with freediving on the coral reef with rich underwater life.

Fun Freediving Nusa Penida

All the skills and knowledge you will get during this course will give you a new way to interact with the ocean. You will definitely enjoy it and be able to explore the underwater world with friends!

Freediving Course in Nusa Penida

After this course, you can continue your study by taking coaching and training sessions or advanced freedive courses such as Level 2.
Also after the course, we invite you to join our Manta Trips and experience freediving with awesome Manta Rays.

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Freediving Level 1

Course Duration Price
Freediving Beginner Course — Level 1 / Wave 1
3 days
IDR 4.950.000

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How I can sign-up for the course?

Simply send us a message through Contact Page ( or your favorite messenger and we will provide you all the information about booking and prepayment.

What things do I need to bring to start freediving?

You don’t necessarily need to bring anything to your course. We have all the gear you might need but if you have your own gear like fins, mask, wetsuit, be sure to bring it with you.

Freediving with your own gear is always more convenient.

How can I freedive if I can not hold my breath for too long?

This is one of the popular doubts for beginners but it appears only due unknowing.

During your basic freediving course you will learn proper breathing and relaxation techniques.

Almost all the students reach breath-hold times of well over 2 minutes without any problems during the first lesson!