Accommodation options on Nusa Penida

Our school is situated in Ped village between Sampalan and Toyapakeh. We consider this place the most comfortable area to live in since it is where most foreigners live. There are a couple of hotels with different levels of prices and facilities. Not far from Pura Ped temple, there are a couple of shops with fruits/veggies and some other daily necessity products. It is a sort of downtown area of the island. Sea is clean and enjoyable here. You can see the majestic Agung volcano from the beach, it is a calm and tranquil atmosphere here. At the same time, it is just 10 mins away to Samapalan and 5 mins away to Toyapakeh by motorbike.

Below you can find the closest hotels/homestays which we recommend to our guests.
If you need any help to book your accommodation, please feel free to ask us and we will do it for you.

Mertasari Bungalows

Very nice guest house with a wonderful garden and pool there. The price is 300.000 – 400.000 IDR. Available for monthly rental.

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Angels Bungalow

The price is 300.000-400.000 IDR. The most bright and fashionable guest house in this area. Available for monthly rental.

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Madeira Inn

Next door to Mertasari bungalows and Angels bungalows situated Madeira Inn. The price is 400.000-450.000 IDR per night.

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Ped Cottage

Located on the same little street as previous accommodations. Probably one of the cheapest comfy options near Freedive Nusa. There is a 2-floor building with 8 rooms. Big rooms in Ped Cottage have everything you need. Price is 175.000-235.000 IDR (without breakfast and with breakfast). Available for monthly rental.

Putra Bali Villa

The only guest house near Freedive Nusa with rooms with twin beds.
The price is 350.000 IDR per night.


Asoka Bungalows

Situated just 5 minutes by walk from Freedive Nusa.
The price is 350.000 IDR per night.

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Merta Beach Bungalow

Nice bungalows on the beachfront just 2 minutes by walk from our school. 600.000-700.000 IDR per night.

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Dewi Sun Sun Suite

Very nice place for sea view lovers. Dewi Sun Sun Villa is located about 1 km from Freedive Nusa right on the beach. There are 2 options: 2-floor building and triangle separate bungalows.
The price is 450.000-750.000 IDR.

Ring Sameton Hotel

On the eastern side of the school, there is Ring Sameton Hotel. It’s the first real hotel on the island with big rooms, hot water, and air conditioners.
There are deluxe rooms for 300.000 and bungalow rooms for 500.000 IDR. If you are coming with family it can be a good choice because each building consists of two bungalow rooms. And some of them have a door between rooms (super comfy if you are traveling with kids). There are double beds and twin beds in the rooms.

Kulkul Bungalow

A bit deeper into the mainland, not so close to the road, neat bamboo bungalows called Kul Kul Bungalow are situated. It is facilitated with air conditioners and hot water. 250.000 IDR per night including breakfast.

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These are the main hotels/homestays we can recommend if talking about the nearest surroundings. Nusa Penida is developing very fast, so some new places always opening around.

If you bring your own motorbike or have a plan to rent it here you can easily book any homestay/hotel on the north coast between Sampalan and Toyapakeh. We do not recommend booking anything on the other side of the island because you will spend too much time getting to the school.

Contact us to book your accommodation or to ask any questions