Nicole Hely Avatar
Nicole Hely
11/11/2017 - Facebook

I completed my Level 1 and 2 at Freedive Nusa. It was an unbelievable experience I think about everyday. Kirill... read more

Pavla Kolarikova Avatar
Pavla Kolarikova
positive review 
2/29/2020 - Facebook

I had a great time at Freedive Nusa, I took a two and half day course, which was both professional... read more

Konstantin Beznosov Avatar
Konstantin Beznosov
11/25/2017 - Facebook

I just finished my first three days of Free Diving with Nusa Freedive. It was a great experience. My instructor... read more

Imane El Avatar
Imane El
positive review 
2/16/2020 - Facebook

So far the best school in Bali. Professional, clean, respectful, and FUN !!:)
BEST LOCATION for Fundives !

I want to...
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Guntis Kalsnavs Avatar
Guntis Kalsnavs
1/20/2020 - Google

I came for a one day to improve my equalization skills. We did a bit of dry practicing and then... read more

Natalia Kalina Avatar
Natalia Kalina
2/03/2020 - Google

Very grateful to the team for helping me overcome my blocks with finning technique! Thanks for the professional attitude and,... read more

Jean-Luc Merle Avatar
Jean-Luc Merle
8/13/2019 - Google

Emily is a remarkable free diving instructor. She'll take you there in a peaceful and comprehensive environment. Thank you Emily !

Olivier Pelloie Avatar
Olivier Pelloie
positive review 
5/26/2019 - Facebook

Did a SSI-L1 course and joined the Manta trip and everything was awesome!
Course is very comprehensive (good mix of...
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Natalia Kalina Avatar
Natalia Kalina
positive review 
2/07/2020 - Facebook

Totally loved my time at this school❤️. It was a great place to advance freediving skills! Important points for me:... read more