Robert Simba Middlemiss Avatar
Robert Simba Middlemiss
9/02/2017 - Facebook

I've scuba dived all over the world and i finally tried freediving for the first time with Kirill. I can honestly say that diving with Kirill and his friends has been the most enjoyable and most rewarding diving i have ever done. His guidance and positivity made my experience one I'll never forget. His kambucha is awesome too.

Andreas Mehlmann Avatar
Andreas Mehlmann
9/28/2017 - Facebook

Einfach Klasse!

Sehr informative Schulmaterial, viele praktische Anwendungen. Wir waren jeden Tag für paar Stunden Tauchen. Alles leicht zu verstehen und ist sofort anwendbar.

Vielen Dank an den Kursleiter Kirill für so einen geilen Freediving - Kurs.

Ran  He Avatar
Ran He
4/16/2017 - Facebook

Was very good experence for my GF and I to live and learn the free diving skill with Kirill Popov in Nusa Penida!

Hannah Hely Avatar
Hannah Hely
10/27/2017 - Facebook

Best location, awesome people, beautiful vibrant reef, motivating instructor.

Konstantin Beznosov Avatar
Konstantin Beznosov
11/25/2017 - Facebook

I just finished my first three days of Free Diving with Nusa Freedive. It was a great experience. My instructor Kiril clearly has extensive experience in both the practice and teaching of free diving. While teaching the basics, Kiril gave me deep appreciation of how my practices of yoga and meditation can converge in helping my body and mind to be calm, relaxed, and agile in free diving. I always felt very safe and well guided, despite of variable weather and water conditions throughout the course exercises in the ocean. In addition, Kiril and his partner Yana have very nice energy.

Ruby Collier Avatar
Ruby Collier
6/24/2018 - Facebook

Had an awesome time doing my Free dive level 1 here recently! Heiko was a great teacher - I always felt safe diving & he really explained the theory side of things well. I would recommend Free dive Nusa to anyone.

Jan Tyczkowski Avatar
Jan Tyczkowski
8/30/2017 - Facebook

Im on my freediving internship in Freedive Nusa. Came here for my Level 2 course and couldnt leave.For now is my second home thanks to the most comfortable atmosphere between all members of Freedive Nusa family. Thats what you need to say "i started to love freediving" cause whenever you emerse the first what you see is smileing faces.

Nicole Hely Avatar
Nicole Hely
11/10/2017 - Facebook

I completed my Level 1 and 2 at Freedive Nusa. It was an unbelievable experience I think about everyday. Kirill was an inspiring teacher, his teaching methods, calm, safe and poised personality and the fact that he really loves freediving made learning freediving easy and so fun.

My experience at Freedive Nusa has opened a door to a deeper love and appreciation of the ocean and our connection to it. Extending beyond freediving to pranayama, more confidence in my surfing, yoga and power of the mind. This course is for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and the human body. Highly Recommend doing it!

Sam Davies Avatar
Sam Davies
2/03/2018 - Facebook

Very professional school. I did my SSI level 2 Freediving course here with Heiko and found him to be extremely professional and a good teacher. With his experience safety diving at world competition level I always felt safe to try to push my limits. He made sure I understood all of the course content and was patient but also pushed me to my limits, so I made a new records of 25m depth and 3m26s static hold.

The dive sites are beautiful with incredibly clear, deep water (20m+ visibility is common) and lots of reef and fish to see.

After the course myself and two friends (with no Freediving experience) went with the school on a trip to see manta rays. We were able to see them and photograp some huge ones just snorkelling around. I capped off my time here with my first ever cave Freedive with an 8m descent followed by a 20m swim in the dark through a tunnel in the rocks. We came up inside this incredible cave full of bats - there is no way I would have had the confidence to make this dive without my trust in Heiko and his coaching.

Remy van Eijk Avatar
Remy van Eijk
7/23/2018 - Facebook

I’m an avid freediver and just finished level 1 with the team of Freedive Nusa. Am amazed by the level of expertise this school maintains and how they cater to the specific needs of every participant. my instructor was Artur who was extremely professional yet personal troughout the course and he really focussed on the parts I needed training in. Couldn’t be more happy with my experience with the team of Freedive Nusa and i Will be back for sure to resume my courses with this school. Thanks guys !!

Reinardt Gilfillan Avatar
Reinardt Gilfillan
8/29/2018 - Facebook

Awesome experience with Heiko as my instructor, I quickly progressed on my depth and breath hold times. Definitely recommended!

Melvin Koo Avatar
Melvin Koo
12/28/2018 - Facebook

I have been communicating with them over Facebook before I decided to take up the course. They were very responsive and helpful even though there was a high chance that I might not have taken up the course.

I am glad I did. Heiko was very patient and helpful. He was very willing to share his knowledge and tons of experience. He explains the physiology and concepts using pictures and demonstrations so it is easier to understand.

I felt very safe and relaxed with him as an instructor in the open water hence I was able to focus fully on learning. He has helped me achieved all the objectives I set on the first day before I started the course.

Not forgetting Artur who was so kind to offer me a ride to the harbour for the manta trip in the early morning. He was the level 2 instructor to other students.

The instructors were amazing. I had a wonderful experience with the school and would highly recommend them if anyone wants to learn freediving.