David Redstone Avatar
David Redstone
10-08-2022 - Google

We had a great experience doing our Molchanovs Wave 1 freediving certification, with Kirill, and Chiara.
We got the package with...

Alexandra Shelenkova Avatar
Alexandra Shelenkova
09-08-2022 - Google

Had a great time during my Wave 1 course here and always coming back for fun dives when I'm visiting... подробнее

5 star rating
01-01-1970 - TripAdvisor

Незабываемое приключение Очень дружелюбная команда и квалифицированные тренера, благодаря которым я полюбил фридайвинг. Было очень легко поддерживать контакт с людьми, поэтому общение... подробнее

Дарья Скорлупкина Avatar
Дарья Скорлупкина
27-07-2021 - Google

One of the most exciting experiences in my life! Very attentive and really professional instructors, amazing atmosphere and great educational... подробнее

M a r t y n a s Avatar
M a r t y n a s
12-06-2020 - Google

My first proper freediving training happened at FreediveNusa under care of instructor Emily Krakoff. At the time of booking I... подробнее

Konstantin Zabara Avatar
Konstantin Zabara
positive review 
09-08-2022 - Facebook

no words, no comments, but still breathing like under water)

Josef Gumpoldsberger Avatar
Josef Gumpoldsberger
29-03-2020 - Google

I took all my SSI level courses here with lots of training sessions in between. At all times I... подробнее

Yulka Juls Avatar
Yulka Juls
17-10-2020 - Google

Just had my first free diving 3 days course with Freedive Nusa. Thanks a lot to Kirill it was incredible... подробнее

Interstellar V Avatar
Interstellar V
19-07-2022 - Google

Fantastic school and incredible experience!

Highly professional instructors with dedication to make you happy and successful in your learnings, safe and...