Try Freediving Course

Try Freediving

Price: USD 70
Duration: 3-4 hours
Maximum depth: 5m
Price includes: equipment rental, transportation, study materials, SSI recognition card, underwater photography

Do you wanna feel the meditating feeling of the underwater world? Or maybe you want to find your inner peace… Or maybe you are just looking for a fun day in the ocean. So why not try Freediving?
If Freediving on tropical reefs and exploring marine life interests you more than pushing your limits in a pool or on a dive line then our Try Freediving course is perfect for you!

nusa penida dive

This is a half-day course that covers the basics of safe recreational Freediving. We also called it “Advanced Snorkeling”. This course will allow you together with a buddy to freedive on the reefs and interact with marine animals like dolphins, manta rays, turtles, etc.

Except for being a confident swimmer, you do not need any previous experience to participate in the course.
We recommend this course to every snorkeler who never tried Freediving but want to join Manta Trip and try snorkeling with majestic manta rays. This course definitely will make you more confident in the open ocean especially if you never be there before and will make your experience more safe and pleasant.

The course includes theoretical and practical sessions on the land. The topics which you will learn during the session include breathing, relaxation, physiology, equipment, equalization, and safety.

During the open water session, you will go in the ocean with your instructor to practice Freediving techniques right on the reef and explore your new abilities while diving on one single breath. You will practice in water effective equalization technique, proper kicking and duck diving, proper breathing before and after the dive, etc. You will definitely feel yourself more confident and relaxed after the session and will have a lot of fun while exploring the rich reefs of Nusa Penida.

dive nusa penida

After the course, you will be confident to dive on breath-hold up to 5 meters, explore underwater treasures with friends in a safe way and fully enjoy your swimming and snorkeling activities.
You will earn the SSI Try Freediving recognition rating after completing this program and can continue your Freediving education in the future by taking full Freediving Level 1 course.

This course is good preparation for our Manta Trip where you can experience freediving and snorkeling with awesome Manta Rays.
So we also recommend to our guests package “Try Freediving + Manta Trip” for USD 95 per person.

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Is Freediving a safe sport?

YES! Freediving is a very safe sport if it is practiced correctly. It is a natural activity, and the human body is very well capable of breath-holding and diving underwater. Taking an officially recognized freediving course will only make you a safer and a more confident freediver.

Accidents happen because of lack of proper training and education. Beware of bogus freediving coaches. Ask questions about their certification so that you will know that you are in safe with them.

Is there a need for a diving or snorkeling experience to participate the course?

Of course, it can be beneficial but you do not have to. Freediving is an activity for anyone even if you have never dived before.

It’s our pleasure if you could spend your first time freediving experience and discover underwater freedom with us.

Do I have to be a great swimmer to start freediving?

No, you don’t need to be on an expert swimmer level to start freediving, but you need to be comfortable in open water.

When we do our open water sessions, you won’t see the ocean floor, and open water swimming is something different than swimming in a pool or snorkeling near the beach.

If you can swim comfortably in the ocean about 200 meters without seeing ocean floor, you are good to go.

If you are not confident in water, you can take a private class about swimming and water confidence before the course to be better prepared for further freediving experience.

What’s the difference between snorkeling and freediving?

Although recreational freediving and snorkeling are very similar, there are some differences between these two activities. Snorkeling is the act of floating on the surface while using a mask to see underwater, and having a snorkel to breathe while keeping one’s face submerged.

Freediving is allowing you to dive deep under the water and interact with the environment and not just staring at it from the surface. With freediving, you will learn advanced breathing techniques, and you will learn to move efficiently underwater through the use of efficient equipment.

Freediving will give you much more freedom and excitement while exploring underwater world!

What fitness level should I be in for the course?

There is no certain fitness level that you need have to be able to enroll in a beginner freediving course. As long as you can swim comfortably in open-water, you have what it takes!

Just let us know if you are not feeling well while on the water so that we can assess if you can safely freedive. We are your family here, so we want to support you and want you to be safe while enjoying the best of freediving.