Freediving Courses at Freedive Nusa

Freedive Nusa is a freediving school located on Nusa Penida island and one of the biggest schools in Indonesia. Nusa Penida is well known among divers and freedivers for its rich underwater world and conditions for diving. It has top-rated dive sites and hundreds of divers come here every day to explore the underwater treasures of the island.

We have a big international team of highly professional freediving instructors. Our teaching at the school is held according to international SSI Freediving standards and to Molchanovs Freediving Education. These certifications are worldwide recognized so you can continue your freediving journey anywhere around the world.
AIDA certification can be additionally provided by request.

Freedive Courses

Freedive Nusa has the status of SSI Freediving Instructor Training Center and  Molchanovs Instructor Training Center. We conduct freedive courses for all levels, from entry courses for beginners who have no experience in the water and up to professional Instructor Training Courses.

Freedive Courses

While studying at the school, the price includes all equipment rental, studying digital materials, and freediving certification, as well as transportation expenses during the course and underwater training videos.

Freediving Courses at Freedive Nusa

Course Duration Price
Try Freediving 1 day IDR 1.500.000
Level 1 / Wave 1 3 days IDR 4.950.000
Level 2 / Wave 2 4 days IDR 6.500.000
Level 3 / Wave 3 6 days IDR 9.500.000
Wave 4 6 days IDR 10.500.000
Freediving for Surfers 2 days IDR 3.500.000
Master Course 4 weeks IDR 14.500.000
SSI Instructor Course 12-14 days IDR 23.500.000
Molchanovs Instructor Course 10-12 days IDR 23.500.000
Individual coaching session 3-4 hours IDR 1.300.000
Group coaching session 3-4 hours IDR 950.000
Training Session 2 hours IDR 500.000
Freediving Packages
Specialty Courses

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Is the certification card from SSI and Molchanovs recognized all over the world?

Yes, both training agencies are recognized throughout the world.

You do not need to worry. You can continue your freediving education all around the world.

How should I go about selecting a freedive course?

The best way is to start is with Basic Freediving Course - SSI Level 1 or Molchanovs Wave 1. These are 2 or 2,5 day courses and the perfect first step into world of freediving.

If it is too long for your first experience, you can also start with a half-day Try Freediving course which we usually called as ""Advanced Snorkeling"".

If you want to know more about the different options and what is possible, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Are there any limitations for freediving which I should know about?

If you have regular problems with otitis, sinusitis, the curvature of the nasal septum, or other diseases connected with ears or nasal sinuses it may slow down your progress or even make diving impossible. In this case, we recommend you to visit ENT doctor in advance.

If you may solve these problems before the course it will make your learning more effective because equalization in ears and sinuses is the main problem which can stop you before diving to your possible depth limits.