Freediving courses at Freedive Nusa

Our teaching at Freedive Nusa school are held according to international SSI Freediving standards. We are SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer Center and offer all range of courses from beginners to instructor’s level.

Also by request we can teach all range of the courses from 1 till 4 Wave according Molchanovs Education and Training System.

Freedive Nusa

While studying at the school price includes all equipment rental, studying materials and SSI Freediving certification, as well as transportation expenses during the course.

SSI Freediving CenterSSI Freediving Level I – 2 days, 235$

SSI Freediving Level II – 3 days, 335$

SSI Freediving Level III – 5-6 days, 485$

Freediving for surfers – 2 days, 200$

Freediving Master Course – 4 weeks, 850$

Individual coaching session (one to one) – 75$

Group coaching session – 60$

Training session with other experienced freedivers using school’s facilities – 25$

Freediving packages including accommodation, Manta trip, exploring the island, etc.

React Right course – 150$ (include certification).

Watsu and aguahara sessions – 40$

Freedive Nusa

Feel free to contact us to book your course or to ask any questions.