Freediving Master Course

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Price: IDR 14.500.000
Duration: 1 month
Price includes: Wave 3, equipment, study materials, certification, personal training program

The master course is the peak of the freediving training program. Nusa Penida is one of the best places in Indonesia for this kind of intensive learning.
This one-month freedive training includes Level 3 course and gives you all the skills and knowledge needed for deep and safe dives. This time is enough to teach your body and mind to longer breath-hold, to adapt them to the depth, and not to be in a rush to reach the depth easily, safely, and comfortably.

Master CourseThe freediving master course is a full immersion into the world of freediving. This is a month-long internship. You will receive not only theoretical and practical freediving training but also become a part of an amazing freediving community. You will be practicing and doing a lot of things together with other freedivers and instructors. It will be a kind of freediving club for you where you are surrounded by like-minded people, taking freedive lessons, and participating in different activities as well as the daily routine of school life.

The program includes

  • Equipment rental
  • Wave 3 course (study materials, theory classes, static, dynamic pool and open water sessions, certification)
  • Training and coaching open water sessions
  • Personal training plan adjusted to your needs
  • Group pool training sessions (twice a week)
  • Unlimited usage of the gym, yoga studio, pool
  • EQ training
  • Stretching and breathing exercises
  • Manta Trips
  • Everyday fun diving on the home reef
  • Sunday movie nights

Your everyday life here on the island will be full of training on the land and in the open water. Deep training is available for us every day. You can walk to the beach 20 m from the school, ride a boat for 10 minutes, and find yourself in the open ocean with unlimited depth. Easy access to depth is very important for those who want to practice intensively and consciously.

Freediving Course in Nusa Penida

This facility, together with the relaxing atmosphere of Nusa Penida island makes it one of the best places to learn freediving in Bali. You can have a good time enjoying life in the tropics, learn and improve your freediving skills. Experienced and careful instructors will guide you to dive deep safely, to be successful in breath-hold diving, and to really enjoy it.

Freediving Course at Nusa Penida

Freediving is not limited to training on the buoy only. During this one month, you will have enough time to practice yoga and breathing exercises, perform a lot of pool training, have fun diving and snorkeling at the dive sites around the island, experience underwater dancing with ocean Manta Rays, take a lot of beautiful photos, and explore the nature of Nusa Penida.

Freedivers who have taken the Wave 3 course already and are certified with it, can join the master course as Unlimited Training Month which will include the entire program with all benefits and features except the Wave 3 course itself. Please, contact us for details.

The master course is a very important step on the way to a professional career in freediving. If you want to become an instructor and join our Instructor Course, this program is a must.

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Freediving Master Course
Course Duration Price
Freediving Master Course
4 weeks
IDR 14.500.000

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How often you are holding the courses?

We have a team of instructors and start courses nearly every day. Just send us a message and choose dates the most convenient for you.

What experience do I need to participate Master Course?

First of all, you have to finish Level 2 course or equivalent in other systems to get all the knowledge and skills. Then you need to have enough training experience and be able to dive confidently and consistently at least up to 25 meters.

Does the accommodation include in the course?

No, accommodation is not included. But there are few different options within the walking distance from the school. We can help you to book it and provide you with all the information.