Freedive Nusa

Our school is created by freedivers, for freedivers. We are passionate about freediving and would love to share our experience and connection with the ocean by teaching others how to hold the breath and be free underwater.

About the school

Our advantages and facilities

Explore the fantastic Nusa Penida island and amazing underwater world with team of proffessionals

Our team

We are a team of experienced freedive instructors, who will lead you to the world of freediving. We use only light and gentle approach for our students so it will be a pleasurable experience for everyone.

Conditions for freediving

Conditions for freediving are perfect here: visibility stays on the high level all year round, water temperature is around 27-29 C. We can dive from the shore or take a boat to reach farther sites.

Unique underwater life

Spectacular coral reefs with millions of fish just in front of the school. There is plenty of interesting dive sites around the island and possibility to dive with giant Manta Rays and Mola-Mola Fish.

Incredible nature of the island

Beautiful beaches between high rock cliffs, stunning rocky breakages with unforgettable landscapes, underground temple, real tropical forest, waterfalls, etc.

Relaxing atmosphere

Tranquil rural atmosphere and kind friendly locals. Island is just starting to develop its touristic infrastructure, so it is not yet crowded with tourists, but at the same time it’s easy to find daily necessities.

The most convenient location

Our school is located just 20 meters from the shore, not far from several hotels and cafes that serve tasty and healthy food. Traditional markets with fresh veggies and fruits are 5-10 minutes away by motorbike.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us in any ways comfortable for you, whether to register for the freediving course, to book training sessions or simply to ask questions about the island and the school. We are working all year long!

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