Breath-holding and freediving for surfers




This was beyond INCREDIBLE! We had an unforgettable experience, learned very valuable skills, had lots and lots of fun, and saw soooo much beauty like never before! We’ll be back! Life will never be the same again

Freediving for surfers

Price:USD 200

Duration: 2 days
Price includes: equipment rental, transportation during the course, underwater photography

The main goal of this course is to exercise  and to improve your skills and body abilities when surfing on big waves. Freediver’s know-how will give you self-confidence in case of wipe-outs, when everything is not going as you expected.

Course includes same information as Level 1 course but it is customized for surfer’s needs. It gives the maximum useful information and skills in the shortest possible time.
The course is suitable for those who already feel comfortable in the water and on the surfboard, but want to be prepared for big waves and longer wipeouts.

nusa penida dive

The main trick off this program will be about breaking your mental borders and exploring you personal limits. We will do it using a total understanding of mammalian diving reflex and by switching it on. In this way we will explore abilities of human body during breath-hold.

You will learn physiology, techniques and freediver’s know-how.
We will pay special attention to the psychological aspects of freediving, breathing, relaxation and minimization of efforts while being underwater.
Beside that you will learn effective methods of self-training for your breath-holding.

The most popular habit and mistake by surfers is to fight the water. We will learn how to surrender to the water and let it move us without any fight. Less focus will be given to freediving technique to safe more time for breath-holding techniques. There will be series of exercises for developing skills of staying longer underwater in case you need to go through a set of waves to reach line-up or when you are washed out by big waves.

freediving training course

Most of the limits and fears are in our mind!
Your new knowledge, skills and positive experience will help you to be much more relaxed and comfortable underwater!

Beside 2 days courses for surfers, we also regularly held short half-day workshops. We do it at our school or in partner surfing schools on the Bali mainland. For details please feel free to contact us.

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