Freediving sessions for all levels

Are you a certified freediver looking for place to dive with buddy around Bali? May be you want to take an individual coaching session to improve your technique or work with some specific skills? We suggest you to use our facilities: be sure we’ll do our best to make your training efficient and safe.

Freediving training session

Freedive sessionsThis is a session where instructor or freediving master student set up a buoy for you and stays with you in the water for all period of the session. There is no any specific coaching or exercises. He/she will be practicing together with you as a buddy and will be responsible for the session. If there are other experienced certified freedivers in the school at the moment you can get all equipment and practice independently without instructor.

Session includes using all facilities that has our school and all equipment rental.

To join training sessions you need to be certified as SSI Freediving Level 2 (or equivalent) or go through special training about safety and insuring your buddy. You should know how to insure your buddy, how to plan your session, how to use lanyard, etc.

Training session — USD 25

Freediving coaching session with instructor

Freedive sessionsAre you surfer and want to prepare yourself for wipe-outs or extend time of breath-holding? Are you freediver and want to improve some elements of technique or you want to increase you maximum depth with instructor guidance?

Coaching session is a perfect opportunity to improve your skills and abilities in freediving. During this session instructor will adopt training to your needs. Before the session you will discuss all goals and tasks, what results do you want to have at the end and what do you want to exercise. Before going into the water, you will spend some time exercising on the land.
Direct feedback from instructor will follow all stages of your training. You will work on exact focuses and skills which you choose.
Instructor can make a video of your dives and after you will analyze it together  while having ginger tea in the school.

All session duration, including preparation on the land and analyzes of your dives after is 3-4 hours, depends on the conditions and amount of students in the group.

Individual coaching session with instructor  — USD 75

Group coaching session with instructor  — USD 60

Freedive sessions

Feel free to contact us to book your course or ask any questions.