Apnea Workshop for Surfers

Surf Survival Workshop

Price: IDR 650.000
Duration: 3 hours
Price includes: equipment rental

This is a half-day surf survival workshop designed especially for surfers to develop confidence and understanding of breath-holding while surfing.

The main goal of this class is to exercise and to improve your skills and body abilities when surfing on the waves as well as develop more confidence and understanding of the physiology and psychology of breath-holding.

The first 2 hours you will spend in the classroom to get proper knowledge about the psychological aspects of the breathing process, breath-holding, relaxation, and minimization of efforts while being underwater.

Surf Survival Workshop

Then you will move to the pool to perform static apnea and specific surfer’s exercises. During your practice in the pool, we will simulate wipe-outs, develop self-confidence, change your mental state, and relations with wipe-outs and breath-hold during them.

Surf Survival Workshop

You will receive structured practical tips on how to deal with stress and panic during wipe-outs as well as proper breathing techniques and mental tricks.

We can promise to every participant that they will increase their breath-hold time and decrease the level of stress during wipe-outs. This short class can change your relations with waves forever by adding more enjoyment and playfulness!

This workshop can be conducted not only in our school at Nusa Penida but also privately at your place. We organize these workshops regularly in partner surfing schools around Bali.

Feel free to contact us for details!

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