Free Immersion Specialty

Free Immersion Specialty

Price: USD 125
Duration: 1 days
Maximum depth: within the limits of your certification and experience
Price includes: equipment rental, transportation, SSI certification, underwater photography

This program teaches freedivers the knowledge and techniques required to safely plan and conduct freedives using both head-up and head-down free immersion techniques. The head-up technique is used by freedivers who have trouble equalizing.

Free Immersion SpecialtyFree Immersion is the most relaxing discipline of depth freediving and the most enjoyable for many freedivers. Free immersion freedivers use the dive line to pull themselves down and up, and do not wear any fins. In FIM you will be using only your arms to discover new depths and develop better awareness for absolute relaxation. In addition, the slow descents of Free Immersion technique will give you a better chance to master your equalization skills. You will be very surprised how much you can do only with your arms!

The course includes 2 open water sessions.
During this one day program you will learn all the key points to practice FIM safely while enjoying maximum level of relaxation. Relaxation is the key element in freediving to get better.
If you have difficulty with head-down equalizing, you can still freedive using free immersion and enjoying your freedive training sessions.

Why use Free Immersion?

A. Increased relaxation
  • Free immersion freediving requires less energy.
  • Using less energy reduces your stress levels.
  • Free immersion freediving lets you control your speed, allowing you to focus on relaxing by diving slowly.
B. Can be performed in a head-up position
  • Free immersion is the only discipline (aside from sled freediving) that can be performed in a head-up position.
  • If you have difficulty with head-down equalizing, you can still freedive using free immersion techniques.
C. Easier Equalization
  • You always maintain one hand on the dive line during free immersion.
  • Keeping one hand on the dive line makes it easy to stop at any point during descent.
  • Equalization can be performed with the other hand whenever necessary.

Free Immersion Specialty

By the end of this course you will get proper knowledge and techniques of Free Immersion, and how they apply to safe and fun freediving.
After passing final exam you will get SSI Free Immersion certification.

Feel free to contact us to book your course or to ask any questions.