Breath-hold tips for surfers

5 practical breath-hold tips for surfers

It’s no secret for everyone that Bali is a mecca of surfing. Since we are in close proximity to this island, so we often work with surfers on improving their breath-hold skills during wipe-outs. In addition to the two-day courses for surfers that are available in our school we also regularly conduct short master classes in friendly surf schools and camps in Bali. The most common question from surfers is: …

Freediving Training

13 Safety Tips for Freediving Training

There are lots of discussions arise about providing safety in freediving competitions, but talking about proper safety during training has a paramount importance. Of course, we may not dive to the same depths as the top freediving athletes, but this does not exclude the possibility of a blackout or samba, which means applying all the necessary measures that make diving not only as pleasant as possible, but also safe. Safety …