What’s a Master Course and Why You Need It?

Diver and corals

In this article, we’d like to talk in detail about our most immersive course: the Master course. It’s not for beginners: it requires at least a Molchanovs Wave 2 certification or equivalent. And, as you can deduce from the name, it’s designed to help you fully master the skills you already have. It’ll be just the thing you need if:

1. You’re thinking of becoming an instructor

On the month-long Master course, you have enough time to hone your skills to perfection expected from an instructor, be it in the pool or open water. You’ll get answers to your questions and solve freediving-related issues. In addition, taking our Master course gives you a rare insight into the actual life of a very real freediving school. You get an opportunity to attend Wave 1-2 courses taught by the school’s instructors and help them, learning the tricks of the trade and seeing how the courses differ depending on the instructor’s personality and the group. If you want, you can take part in equipment maintenance, from fixing wetsuits to marking the rope. Along the way, you’ll learn how to organize freediving sessions in the open water from a boat, adjust to currents and tides, and adapt your plans to the existing conditions. Whether you plan to work independently or open your own freediving school, this first-hand experience is priceless. You’ll be able to work anywhere.

Open water session

2. You want to reach Wave 3 without a rush

After finishing their Wave 2 course, many people don’t have much practice either in the pool or in the open water. So when they take up Wave 3, the requirements may appear quite challenging. While a standard Wave 3 course only lasts 7 days, it might not be enough to get to the bottom of all the skills and techniques taught at the course. On our Wave 3 course, you won’t feel the pressure of the oncoming deadline. You can complete the requirements at your own pace, taking a day off whenever you want and using extra training sessions in the open water and in the pool to practice the disciplines you think need working on.

3. You just want to freedive and have fun

If you don’t care about certificates at all or already reached Wave 3, join the course for unlimited training and dive for pleasure! You can have as many or as few open-water sessions as you want (some of them with an experienced instructor and some with a competent buddy), attend up to two dynamic sessions in the pool per week, go on a manta trip organized by the school, and fundive at the home reef any day! A gym, a small pool for static training, and a yoga studio are also there for you. Treat yourself to a whole month of the ocean!

Amazing reef

4. You’re a spearfisher

If you’re a spearfisher and want to dive deeper, this course will give you all the necessary tools for it. You’ll learn how to equalize at depths below 40 meters, move in the most efficient way, increase your breath-hold, and relax underwater. And, above all, you’ll find out how to do it safely, what signs of your body to pay attention to in order to avoid injuries, and when it’s time to stop.  Some of our instructors are also avid spearfishers, so you’ll always be able to discuss your feats with a kindred spirit. By the way, the school has an equipped kitchen to cook your catch 😉

Fishy fishes

5. You want to return to freediving after a long break

A platypus can stay underwater for up to five minutes. This is because it does it in search of food, many times a day seven days a week. If you used to freedive a lot too and could boast of great numbers, but then had a long break, you might discover you feel a bit rusty when you start training actively again. During the master course, you’ll be able to regain your former shape and confidence both in the pool and in the open water under the guidance of an experience instructor. It’s cheaper than taking individual coaching sessions, too!

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Still have questions? Contact our team, and we’ll be happy to help!