Freedive Nusa

Our freediving school is created by passionate freedivers for all ocean lovers. We love to share our knowledge and experience by teaching people how to hold their breath and how to be free under the water.

About the school

Our advantages and facilities

Explore the fantastic Nusa Penida island and amazing underwater world with team of proffessionals

Our team

We are a team of experienced freedive instructors, who will lead you to the world of freediving. We use only light and gentle approach for our students so it will be a pleasurable experience for everyone.

Conditions for freediving

Conditions for freediving are perfect here: visibility stays on the high level all year round, water temperature is around 27-29 C. We can dive from the shore or take a boat to reach farther sites.

Unique underwater life

Spectacular coral reefs with millions of fish just in front of the school. There is plenty of interesting dive sites around the island and possibility to dive with giant Manta Rays and Mola-Mola Fish.

Incredible nature of the island

Beautiful beaches between high rock cliffs, stunning rocky breakages with unforgettable landscapes, underground temple, real tropical forest, waterfalls, etc.

Perfect facilities

The school provides all the facilities needed for efficient and comfortable training: freediving equipment, classrooms, yoga studio, pools for static and dynamic training, own dive boats, gym, etc.

The most convenient location

Our school is located just 20 meters from the shore, not far from several hotels and cafes that serve tasty and healthy food. Traditional markets with fresh veggies and fruits are 5-10 minutes away by motorbike.

800+ reviews from students
3000+ certified freedivers
50+ trips around Indonesia

Contact us

Feel free to contact us at your own comfort, whether to register for a freediving course, to book training sessions, or to simply ask questions about the island and the school. We are working and operating all year long!

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Freedive Nusa is a freediving school in Bali located on Nusa Penida Island. This is beautiful tropical island is located 12 kilometers east of Bali. Getting to Nusa Penida is very easy it is only 40 minutes away by speed boat from South Bali.

Diving and snorkeling in Bali is an experience that every underwater lover who visits the island should try. The most beautiful and popular dive sites of Bali are located around Nusa Penida. Therefore diving in Nusa Penida is must-do activity for every ocean explorer.

For freediving training, Bali offers unlimited depth with visibility 20-30 meters, water temperature of 28-29 degrees, drift diving in the currents, an amazing underwater world, and the possibility to dive with manta rays all year round. This is one of the best places in Asia where you can learn to freedive and our freedive instructors in Bali will make your experience easy, safe and joyful.

Freedive Nusa teaches freedivers of all levels, from beginners who have never even tried mask and fins to highest level of instructors.

Freediving in Indonesia is very rich and diverse. We organize daily manta trips, unique freedive trips around Indonesia and freediving in Bali.

The school is located 20 meters from the shore on the northern coast of the island, in the most convenient location that has a wide variety of hotels and cafes within walking distance.

Our basic freediving course Level 1 takes 3 days and it is suitable for all levels of experience. After the course, most students can easily and comfortably dive on a one single breath to the depth of 10-20 meters.

Our freedive packages include freediving courses, accommodation, manta trips, yoga classes, etc.

For more experienced freedivers, we offer deeper advanced courses Level 2 and Level 3, as well as specialty courses, monthly Master Course, and Instructor Courses.

Welcome to join us on Nusa Penida!

How I can sign-up for the course?

Simply send us a message through Contact Page ( or your favorite messenger and we will provide you all the information about booking and prepayment.

Is Freediving a safe sport?

YES! Freediving is a very safe sport if it is practiced correctly. It is a natural activity, and the human body is very well capable of breath-holding and diving underwater. Taking an officially recognized freediving course will only make you a safer and a more confident freediver.

Accidents happen because of lack of proper training and education. Beware of bogus freediving coaches. Ask questions about their certification so that you will know that you are in safe with them.

How often you are holding the courses?

We have a team of instructors and start courses nearly every day. Just send us a message and choose dates the most convenient for you.