Molchanovs Online Instructor Crossover

Looking to take your freediving journey to the next level? Taught by the leading educators in freediving, the Molchanovs Instructor Course is the next step in your freediving journey.

W2 Instructor CrossoverThis Crossover Course is suitable for active freediving instructors from any other freediving agencies.

During this course, you will go over every aspect of the freediving technique and get introduced to the Molchanovs Teaching System as a very effective way how to teach all skills on all course levels.

You will get access to online materials for home study. Then you will have a few online classes with our Instructor Trainer where he will cover all theory and practical sections, make a knowledge review and answer your questions.

You have to provide video recordings of you performing 1 Academic Presentation, 1 Confined Water Presentation, 1 Open Water Presentation as described in the curriculum.
Your instructor will do an assessment and will give you feedback.

Also, you have to provide video recordings demonstrating your performance requirements.
The physical requirements to pass the Wave 2 Instructor Crossover are as follows:

  • 40m CWTB & FIM 40m
  • 25m rescue + 50m surface tow
  • 100m DYN
  • 60m DNF
  • 4 min STA
  • 15m Stand-by rescue
  • CO2 Dive

W3 Instructor CrossoverExperienced Master Instructors from other agencies can directly crossover to the Molchanovs Wave 3 Instructor Level (W3I).
Experienced Molchanovs Wave 2 Instructors can apply for an online upgrade to become Wave 3 Instructors.

The physical requirements to pass the Wave 3 Instructor Crossover/Upgrade are as follows:

  • 50m CWTB
  • 30m rescue + 50m surface tow
  • 100m DYN
  • 75m DNF
  • 4.30 min STA
  • 20m Stand-by rescue
  • CO2 Dive

Please note that these are minimum performance requirements and the expectation is that candidates should be able to meet those standards reasonably comfortably and with good technique. To pass the course you have to provide video recordings of you performing all these requirements.

Please contact us for further details!

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