Our eco-activities on Nusa Penida

We define Nusa Penida as our home and trying to use and support sustainable practices on our small island. Island is developing very fast, more and more tourists coming here and more businesses are opening. We feel ourself responsible on what we are organizing and doing here.
Below you can find what exactly we do here at Nusa Penida.

1) We organize and support Trash Hero Nusa Penida. This is one of the chapters for big NGO Trash Hero World.
Each week on Monday at 16:30, volunteers come together with the goal to pick up the litter and plastic that’s trashing our environments. Taking to various areas of Nusa Penida with bags in hand, it doesn’t take long before seeing the direct result of leaving plastic bottles behind, or dropping that plastic wrapper instead of putting it in a bin. While many don’t think twice before flicking a cigarette butt to the ground, when following the Trash Hero creed – If You See It, Pick It Up – you become a living role model for others who see you cleaning up the town. Trash Heroes motivate other people to help make this world a better place.

Trash Hero Nusa Penida Trash Hero Nusa Penida

Trash Hero Nusa Penida Trash Hero Nusa Penida

You can watch this big interview with Kirill about our activities here and how everyone can make this world better and cleaner place to live.

2) At the same time we support Trash Hero Kids Program which provides books and interesting educational program for kids from local school. Kids learn about environment and plastic pollution and performing some tasks such as participating clean-ups, avoiding plastic bags and bottles, etc.

In the story book, they can discover the original “Trash Hero”. His mission is to stop plastic pollution harming sea life, but it’s getting harder and harder as the amount of plastic being thrown away increases. Find out how they can help him on his quest, and take the challenge with their friends and family. By practicing good habits when it comes to waste, we can all be heroes, and save the Earth.

Trash Hero Nusa Penida Trash Hero Nusa Penida

Trash Hero Nusa Penida Trash Hero Nusa Penida

Trash Hero Nusa Penida Trash Hero Nusa Penida

3) We participate Refill My Bottle and Trash Hero Bottle Program.
So at Freedive Nusa you can refill your water bottles free of charge any time. Also you can buy at our place nice stainless steel bottles for IDR 130.000 only.

Refill My Bottle

Please, install on your phone app RefillMyBottle and you can find the map with all the refill stations in Bali.

4) We support Project Aware and Green Fins Foundation and using all the practices from these organizations.

Project Aware

Green Fins

Feel free to contact us and ask any questions.